Spot and Smudge texting…

These are a bit of an inside joke for those who’ve read the books. A reader thought it’d be funny to have Spot and Smudge texting, and we did too.

Smudge text message to spot Kiss Kill 720x720 300dpi

Smudge text message 2 to doug 720x720 300dpi

Smudge text message 3 720x720 300dpi


Books on Iphone w paw holding 720x720 300dpi


  1. My mostly black Labradorpitboxerhuskyblueheeler stayed up all night reading Spot and Smudge. She enjoyed it so much she hacked my Amazon account to leave a review under my name.

    • Ellen – your mutt sound’s like she’s our kind of girl! …(and I am SO curious about her having Australian cattle dog mixed in, must be very cool looking, and I bet the neighborhood kids are constantly getting rounded up)… and your “And I’d have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling pups” review was awesome!… thanks for reading, and reviewing…I might need to borrow your hacker dog for book four…

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