The Spot and Smudge Series

Spot and Smudge - Book One

No one wanted her.

She was just a scrappy mixed breed stray. A wandering nuisance, snatched from the streets of a southern town and tossed into one of their many high-kill shelters. The dog was nothing more than an inconsequential mutt with only a few days left to live.

And then along came Jerry.

Jerry, who had travelled all the way down south from the little town of Pembury, Massachusetts.

Jerry, who packed her van full of the unwanted mongrels before making the two day trek back home.

Jerry, who made the same trip every few weeks, and was especially interested in the throngs of disposable puppies.

Jerry, who wasn’t exactly rescuing them.

No, Jerry had other plans for these unfortunate animals, and her twisted schemes were humming along nicely until she ran into a few snags...

The barrels of pilfered experimental chemicals her equally conniving and deranged husband had stored in her kennels turned out to be way more dangerous than either of them realized...way, way more dangerous.

Her husband also thought it was wise to extort the neighbors, but the seemingly sweet old couple aren't ones to be trifled with...and neither are their sharp grandkids.

And they hadn't counted on the tenacity and cunning of this one little unwanted shelter dog. This stray who would accidentally become the most significant dog in the forty million year history of the evolution of canines…

..and they certainly weren’t prepared for her puppies.

Enjoy the first installment of Spot and Smudge, the gripping new speculative fiction series. It's a dark, humorous, wonderfully twisted and superbly crafted tale about the perils of underestimating the love of family and the loyalty of a pair of very special dogs.

The Glasgow Gray
Spot and Smudge - Book Two

To Ben Hogan, great Uncle Hamish’s reputation is as big a mountain as the man himself. His family’s rollicking tales of the brawny Scot’s Canadian adventures are Ben’s favorites, and he thinks he’s old enough to travel alone to the ranch in Quebec for a visit.

His grandmother Mimi agrees, and thinks a break would be good for him. Their family has been through a tough year, one that has forced Ben and his smart dogs to overcome some deadly obstacles. She also knows her grandson is missing his grandfather. Getting away and spending time with her late husband’s brother Hamish might be just what Ben needs, but convincing his concerned parents won’t be easy. The cold north can be a tricky place in the middle of winter, but Ben’s amazing pups would be there to help watch over him.

Spot and Smudge are looking forward to the trip, too. They enjoy the Hamish stories as much as Ben, and equally exciting for the pups is the prospect of meeting one of the animals on their bucket list…Canis lupus, the gray wolf.

Ben’s parents are right to worry, but not because he’s too young to take the trip alone. The family had thought dispatching the deranged Dorschsteins would be the end of their troubles but those murderous opportunists were just the tip of a very large evil iceberg now pursuing them. The hidden criminal organization behind the pups' dark secret will stop at nothing, and it’s clear they are willing to unleash indiscriminate hell to find what they seek.

Ben and the pups soon find out the dead of winter in the wilds of Canada can be a very dangerous place. The nights are long, the snow is deep, and exposed skin can freeze in minutes. Just to survive takes brains and balls…and when you’re being hunted it also takes grit. The kind of grit that sometimes only comes from the cunning and loyalty of a unique pack of allies.

This riveting second installment of the Spot and Smudge novels doesn't disappoint. It’s an amazing story with more of the rich characters, dark humor, and smart plot twists that are a signature of the series.

Let Slip the Pups of War
Spot and Smudge - Book Three

Fisho Mwale is a noble, simple farmer. A little shake-shake beer and a few of his daughter-in-law’s corn biscuits are enough to put a smile on his lined, dark face. He and his son Fulfort toil over a patch of rocky dirt in northern Zambia that until recently had provided well for them. But it’s been full drought for going on three years and they’re struggling to keep his young son’s wife and children fed. The father and son are forced to travel far south to find paying work. In the slums of Lusaka they sign on with a pair of animal parts traffickers and are sent to the most prominent, most lucrative, and most dangerous animal preserve in South Africa, as poachers. In his youth Fisho had been on hunts, and been hunted. He’s also seen security men and their dogs up close in the mines, but he’s never seen police dogs like the ones at this preserve. They aren’t like other dogs. They don’t hunt like other dogs, they don’t move like other dogs, and they don’t look away when they lock onto you with their too-smart stare. Fisho soon realizes he and his son are trapped between men they can’t trust, the lethal animals in the jungle, and these insanely effective hunters…and he wonders which will be the end of them first...

Tian and Harley Tzeng are inseparable cousins who have had each other’s backs since primary school. They are also members of a lethal family who run the underbelly of Hong Kong and are bent on avenging their fallen. Something has gone horribly wrong in the states. Both of their mothers and Tian’s brother Liko have been taken out by an unknown clan from a small town in Massachusetts. Grandfather is sending the boys and the rest of their equally deadly cousins to hunt down the perpetrators and to exact the appropriate payback. Backed by unlimited funds and weapons most armies can’t get their hands on it appears nothing can stop them…nothing but this underestimated little family…or perhaps the traitor in the cousins' own midst…

FBI director Douglas Barton doesn’t like what he sees. Dangerous internal files have gone missing, and his own organization is protecting the very corporation he and his loyal protégé are risking everything to expose. Its psychopathic leader Semion Mogevich and his deranged daughter Katia are enacting a chilling end game, and have given their deadly teams orders to let nothing stand in their way. But Barton knows the missing piece they need to complete their puzzle, and with the Mogevichs’ turning their attention to Pembury that little family and their special dogs might just be the bait he needs to stop Semion's insane plot…and flush out a rat in the process...

The exciting conclusion of the Spot and Smudge trilogy is an inventive, black-witted tale that uncovers the riddle of the pups' secrets and exposes the terrifying forces behind the accelerator compound. It also brings together the richly drawn characters from the earlier books and a host of intriguing new players, hurling them into a hunt that spans the globe and poses the ultimate test for this cunning family and their amazing pups.

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